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Forums Rules & Allows

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Forums Rules & Allows

Post by ♔Astrid Mangus Day♔ on Sun Aug 17, 2014 7:05 pm

Okay everyone here the Rules for the Forums and things you are allowed to do on this site. Please follow them and consider them. Thank you, and read them through alright?

1: Bulling: Bulling other members is not allowed here. Please be nice to other members, because if you don't then you will be removed from the Forums itself, and if I hear you are still bulling others then you will be removed from the site, and I will make sure that you do not come back here.

2: Sexual Content: Okay since I have been Role-Playing for years and years, I will allow Sexual Contact in within the Role-Plays. But if you are going to have this in your Role-Plays then please at the beginning of the Role-Play post a warning to let others know it may contain this within its posts. This will let others choose whether or not they want to join.

3: Drugs and Alcohol Use: This is also allowed within the Role-Plays you place here. But like the one above, you must put this in the warning if it is going to be contained in the posts of the Role-Play. 

4: Posting: Okay I know how some people can be, but I can be a different way. I don't want small posts please, unless someone says on the Role-Play that it's allowed. Like small one liners, and a couple words in one post. I don't wish to see these in the Role-Plays please.

5: Grammar: Text talk is not allowed here either. That is for texting, not for Role-Playing. Have good grammar and good wording in your posts.

6: Have Fun: Try to have some fun with your Role-Playing here. I would love to hear that you have a nice time here, and make some friends. 

**Sometimes updated and changed. Check in every once and a while. If you have an questions please feel free to message me.
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