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Post by ♔Astrid Mangus Day♔ on Mon Aug 18, 2014 5:57 pm

Small Story about RP

Two weeks after the sudden infection.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

"Hello is this thing on? Hello? Does the red light mean its on? Yeah I think that it means it`s on," said a young boy, tapping his finger against the screen of the camera.

It was faced to him. He had sweat rolled down his forehead, dripping off the legs of his glasses. His black hair was greasy and messy, and so was he. He was covered in blood, mud, dirt, and many other things that they were hard to place a finger on.

There was fear in his eyes, such fear that one could only feel when they knew they were going to die. And that`s exactly what was going on here and now.

"Hello! To anyone that will find this, you need to know what`s going on. Something is spreading, and it`s spreading fast, like the black death all those years before. But this time, when it kills someone, they don`t stay dead.

Yes you heard me right. They don`t stay dead. They die form the infection, but they come back. They start moving again. But they aren`t human anymore, no where close. Their eyes are a dead yellow-white color, sightless. They can`t see you. But they can smell you.

And they want....YOU. That`s all they want. They want you. To eat you, to tear you apart to get what`s inside you. They want the blood that is inside you, the warm flowing blood that goes through your veins. Your guts inside your body. They will rip your heart out of your chest, whether you are alive or dead," he said giving a scared, bitter laugh. "They don`t care either way! Your just food to them."

He looked around frantic, and the camera was pointed down to the ground. You could see the yellow street lines, some covered in red blood. The camera was shaking, and the lines moving by fast, showing that he was running as fast as he could.

Then it was quiet and the camera showed grass, he had managed to escape from whatever he was running from. You would be able to hear him panting in the background.

Suddenly the camera was faced back to him. He had more blood on his face, it was his own, coming from fresh scratches on his cheeks and forehead.

"They are after me, trying to find me...they want to eat me. You need to watch out. Some just walk, they walk with limps, some like Frankenstein -- with their arms out in front of them trying to grab you. Some crawl, run, and even drag themselves against the ground, carrying half their bodies behind them. Its sick, and horrible," He said trying to calm his shaking voice.

"There is a way, I have learned to kill them. You have to get their heads, and only their heads. You have to either sever the brain stem, or stab them right through the brain. Its the only way to kill them. And make sure that they are dead, you never know. They could spring back up again when you think they are dead, trust me. I have seen it happen before."

He was shaking. "Grab all the supplies you can find, save it. Keep yourself safe, you have to live through this. Someone has to....someone has to fight back."

The camera began to shake, and the man screamed, the camera falling onto the ground, turning over onto it`s side.

It was facing the man, who was laying on the ground his eyes grey and lifeless. Moving along his body were rotten creatures, ripping him body apart, and eating him.

One of them popped their face into the camera, making clicking and moaning noises, opening its wide blood filled mouth.

The camera went dead.


If you don't already get it, this is a zombie role-play. But not just anyone can get infected here. This time its grown-ups. Men and woman at the age of 17 and older are the ones that are getting infected and dying. The only ones who are left in the world, fighting off these deceased grown-ups and trying to stay alive. They have to go through hardships, find what they can and do what they must to be able to live in such a world as this.

No adults, only are you going to fair in a world such as this? Are you going to live alone, in a group? Are you going to die alone, with a group, or protecting the ones you care about? It's all up to you to decide.


#1 No posting under a complete paragraph, one liner`s i don`t want those here.

#2 Your grammar has to be good, it will be fixed when/if caught by me. I want to be able to read and understand what you are trying to say to me.

#3 You have have no more than six characters. If you start off with one, you have to make a skelly or tell me you are adding another and tell me about him/her. You can also Role-Play as an animal if you wish

#4: No goddmodding please. Here's an example for these Role-Play: (Billy: He stood there and gasped as those freaks started coming after him. Dessy: She would grab him and kill all the zombies bringing him to safety.) NO!!! And also, NO HEALING!! I hate people who heal others and make everything okay. I hate it. So no that! Thank you.

#5 The final and most important rule of all....Make sure you have fun RPing and posting. Thank you.

Character Skeleton:

Full Name
Occupation Before Infection
Fire Arm Weapon
Melee Weapons
What were you doing before Infection?

Please Start after you post your characters in the thread posted in the Role-Play Characters Board
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